Woodland Park Police Issued Vaccine Dart-Rifles

The Woodland Park Police Department has a new set of tools for tackling Covid. 12 high-powered air rifles – officially known as “Projectors” – are in the hands of our community police. Funded by the new Biden initiative “Target The Unvaccinated” these Hakwell Projectors are capable of delivering massive doses of the vaccine directly into suspects arteries.

These rifles operate with compressed air tanks instead of bullets and fires 5 inch long hollow darts instead of slugs. Each dart contains a 1,900mL mixture of the J&J & Moderna vaccines and some mild tranquilizers.

One of the projector rifles and darts containing the covid vaccine.

Those who are suspected to be unvaccinated – primarily anyone not wearing a mask – may have quite a surprise in store for them. Whether walking down the street, in your vehicle on highway 24, or even in your own home you may feel the slight jab of government-mandated safety.

Some have called the measure extreme, however, Dr. Fauci assured the communities using these rifles are completely safe, and the alternative is live ammunition.


  1. They can not inject 1900 ml as that’s a half gallon so they need to fix this article but the whole thing is wrong in general

  2. This is outrageous! When are our Sherriff’s going to use the power they have to enforce the oath they took since our police will not. This is not legal, so I hope local “police” remember they will be doing this “under the color of law. ” This will not be injected into a artery, unless they have special darts that can hit a vein, nor is it legal for them to shoot someone driving on the hwy, especially with tranquilizers in this MRNA, not vaccine! If anyone would take the time to go to the FDA website and pull up the approval on this MRNA, not vaccine, read it carefully, they would see that what was actually approved is a vaccine that will not be available for a year, not the one that has been mandated, illegally because of this.

  3. Where is my damn comment???????????

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