Woodland Park Police Issued Vaccine Dart-Rifles The Woodland Park Police Department has a new set of tools for tackling Covid. 12 high-powered air rifles – officially known as “Projectors” – are in the hands of our community police. Funded by the new Biden initiative “Target The Unvaccinated” these Hakwell ProjectorsContinue Reading

Two of Denver’s methods of handling the unhoused are criticized: disintegration and trebuchets Lawsuit filed over the molecular disentigration of the homeless, while nonprofit survey of homeless shows trebuchets don’t connect them to help but rather the ground very quickly, but very far away. Just as city officials were hearingContinue Reading

Notice: This Is Not Satire! Do Not Approach This Individual, Call 911! Teller County Sheriff’s Office searching for escaped inmate Friday morning Teller County Sheriff’s Office is currently searching for Chancey Ray Colwell, an escaped inmate. Colwell was being held at the Teller County Jail for allegedly firing shots atContinue Reading

On the Lookout: man steals artifact from Colorado Springs church; rides off on motorcycle COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) — A man with easily identifiable markings is thought to have stolen an ancient Mesopotamian artifact from a Colorado Springs church. Colorado Springs Police believe the suspect may be living in theContinue Reading

Local police officers remind drivers to maintain high speeds in school zones Colorado Springs police officers are reminding drivers to maintain high speeds and zone out in school zones, as classes are set to resume soon. This includes ignoring the posted speed limit and speeding as fast as possible throughContinue Reading