Car ditched over a cliff at Cave of the Winds

At 1PM Saturday, Manitou Fire and Search and Rescue crews were called to the scene on Cave of the Winds Road after a nearby worker witnessed a small red car being ditched over a cliff. The worker recalled to Manitou officials that they heard a loud boom. Flight for Life made several passes during this time, however, nobody was found to be injured.

Several ringtails stated there were two individuals overheard discussing locations to push a vehicle off the cliff, Manitou Springs Police stated this is likely unrelated to the vehicle abandoned off the cliff.

The license plates for the vehicle were both found on a small open patch of ground several hundred feet from the vehicle with a wallet and ID sitting on top of the plates. Investigators stated it is likely they flew from the vehicle and landed in the same spot in such an organized manner, and there was no reason to believe foul play was involved.

State Patrol Officer Joey Cabinet says no one was found in or around the vehicle. It’s believed someone was living out of the car at the time it was abandoned. When questioned about the occupant living in the vehicle, State Patrol Officer Joey Cabinet stated “Listen, we’re not searching for someone here. It’s hot, it’s a steep cliff, and I’ve got a half-hour left on my shift”.

We tried to interview the managers, but they were all too busy with multiple customers named “Karen” demanding the emergency vehicles be pushed off the cliff to make room for them to drive down the road. Since our reporters couldn’t find anyone else to interview they simply wandered into the cave unattended.

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