In a groundbreaking study released this week from the prestigious Institute of Highly Essential Studies, researchers have concluded that placing a lemon in a glass box on a table can enhance home décor aesthetics by an unprecedented 87%. The five-year study, which cost upwards of $2 million, involved intricate experimentationContinue Reading

Teller County Votes Against Bribing People To Get Vaccinated In an odd turn of events, Teller County will not be bribing its residents to take the Covid-19 vaccine. Instead, they will be doing something many oppose – allowing people to exercise personal freedom of choice. It turns out that theContinue Reading

Every Deer Related Accident In Woodland Park Caused By You Feeding Deer That One Time Two Months Ago After an extensive investigation into the increasing number of deer found dead on the roadside, the conclusion is in. It turns out that neither local forestation issues, rutting season, or natural reasonsContinue Reading

The second accident this week blocks Highway 24 westbound. Maybe take it slow on the curves people? For the second time this week, an accident has blocked Highway 24 westbound from Colorado Springs to Woodland Park. And for the second time, it seems that someone didn’t pay enough attention inContinue Reading

Glenwood Caverns’ again one-ups Cave of the Winds with some new roller coaster. In a feud ongoing for over 100 years (although actually dating back to the early Ordovician) by two geological formations, Glenwood Caverns has installed a new roller coaster to further irritate the Cave of the Winds. StartingContinue Reading