In a groundbreaking study released this week from the prestigious Institute of Highly Essential Studies, researchers have concluded that placing a lemon in a glass box on a table can enhance home décor aesthetics by an unprecedented 87%. The five-year study, which cost upwards of $2 million, involved intricate experimentationContinue Reading

Public Health officials confirm: Trees contracted plague in Teller County After a tree tested positive for pneumonic plague following a probable exposure near Divide recently, Teller County Public Health is urging residents to take precautions when near forests, trees, and plants. Plague in trees is common in Colorado, New Mexico,Continue Reading

Two of Denver’s methods of handling the unhoused are criticized: disintegration and trebuchets Lawsuit filed over the molecular disentigration of the homeless, while nonprofit survey of homeless shows trebuchets don’t connect them to help but rather the ground very quickly, but very far away. Just as city officials were hearingContinue Reading

Woodland Park Quilts in the Aspens show will feature vintage and future quilts After a year off due to COVID, Quilters Above the Clouds will display their versatility and artistic vigor during the 15th annual Quilts in the Aspens Aug. 14. Of 100 quilts at the event, many will reflectContinue Reading