Woodland Park: The Most Common Critters That Get Into Trashcans & How To Stop Them

New Mexico Black Bear
New Mexico Black Bears Love To Get Into Trash

Bears – The New Mexico Black Bear is the most common animal that gets into the trashcans of Woodland Park residents. These animals are quite fearsome to look at but startle easily. If you see one in your front yard, try singing Russian folk music or start screeching about a ring tail lemur.

The Common Racoon Is Known To Defeat Locked Trash Cans, Often Utilizing A Thermal Lance.

Common Racoons – The Common Racoon is the second most common critter that is looking to raid your trash can. Impressively, they can defeat simple locks and clever lid designs. They are known to travel in packs of up to 50 and carry a thermal lance to defeat metal cans.

The Average Child Is Responsible For Over 15 Crimes Every Day.

Children – Children are a common cause of many forms of vandalism, and should not be ruled out. The average child commits over 15 crimes every day, however societies leniency has resulted in this number increasing from 13 daily crimes in a 2008 survey.

Hunter Biden Is Well Known To Look Through Trash Cans For Parmesan Cheese.

Hunter Biden – An avid cheese fanatic, Hunter is well known to scrounge through carpet and trash cans in search of parmesan cheese (and totally not drugs). Remember if you have large amounts of “cheese” in your can to make sure to only put it out on trash day.

The Local Trash Service Is One Of The Leading Culprits Of Removing Trash From Trashcan s

Trash Men – The leading cause of a trashless trash can are the trash men. These lysterious people come out in early morning hour and remove trash from unsuspecting peoples cans.

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