Major Addition: Black Powder Dueling Range opens at The Broadmoor

In the Colorado Wild West problems were often solved with a duel between individuals – known more commonly as a gunfight or quickdraw. Dualing with Firearms or other deadly weapons was outlawed in 1982 in Colorado. However, the tradition remains in many circles.

The Broadmoor Hotel wants to bring back the spirit of the old gunfights with their new dualing range. Work was just completed on a life-size replica of a small western town where guests can dual each other. Firearm rental prices ranging from $5 for 1 dual to $50 for an entire day of murder and mayhem.

There are even guns for the children and toddlers! The rental station carries a selection of extra large and colorful low-caliber firearms. For safety reasons, and children dualing with live firearms under the age of 4 are required to wear a level 3A ballistics vest.

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