In an audacious bid to catapult the United States into the future of green transportation, the Department of Transport has revealed plans for the Grand Trebuchet Network (GTN) – a series of medieval siege engines designed to fling commuters across cities, over mountains, and into their workplace parking lots withContinue Reading

Cripple Creek, known for its historical ties to mining and modern day reputation as a casino destination, is grabbing headlines once again. The local establishment, Shady Tail Inn, is currently under scrutiny for allegations of providing fermented apples to donkeys in anticipation of the annual Donkey Derby. Incidents of malpracticeContinue Reading

Mountain Wookies Smoke Shop Closes Due To Lack Of Stoners In Woodland Park Once located in a small plaza alongside highway 24, Mountain Wookies closed its doors on September 6th. While there is a store in Cañon City still open, this location held a special place in many people’s hearts.Continue Reading

Glenwood Caverns’ again one-ups Cave of the Winds with some new roller coaster. In a feud ongoing for over 100 years (although actually dating back to the early Ordovician) by two geological formations, Glenwood Caverns has installed a new roller coaster to further irritate the Cave of the Winds. StartingContinue Reading

Governor blames small businesses for low employment rates; extends unemployment benefits. “It’s definitely not our fault, I mean, these places probably just don’t have enough help wanted signs or something, you know?” stated Jared Polis, Governor of Colorado and award-winning longhorn hen rancher. A new report found the majority ofContinue Reading