August 23rd, 1906 – 39 Mysteriously Vanish At Ute Hotel

On the morning of Friday 24th, 1906 Jacob Kettle, the morning desk clerk, went room to room for the morning wake-up calls. As he made his way to the second floor, he passed dozens of guests from the first floor heading for the dining room. However, after he had done his rounds on the second floor, not a single guest had responded. An odd occurrence no doubt, but not enough to notify the manager. Kettle continued to the third floor, and then back down to the lobby.

After breakfast ended with no sign of any of the guests from the third floor, the hotel manager was alerted. Manager Raylan Rockwood ordered the staff to open the locked doors. Upon entry, there was no soul discovered, although the rooms were in very odd conditions. There were torn curtains, burnt wallpaper, and a noticeable smell of ammonia in the air.

As rooms were searched, clothes of the missing were found in various conditions suggesting there were removed quickly, almost instantly. Some of the rooms had nightgowns in the bed as if the owner simply vanished. Others had jewelry and earrings in the bathtub.

None of the guests reported missing have ever been found, nor have their bodies. It is one of Woodland Park’s greatest mysteries with all sorts of explanations offered. From spontaneous human combustion to aliens to ghosts – over 100 years of solutions have rendered no conclusive proof.

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