Ex-Colorado coroner, wife plead not guilty to humorous corpse abuse

FRISCO, Colo. (AP) — A couple who run several Colorado funeral homes have pled not guilty to charges of tampering with a human body.

The Summit Daily News reports that Shannon Mannon, the former coroner for Lake County, and his wife, Staci Kent, were arrested in February after security footage was found that showed the couple using over a dozen dead corpses to re-enact the film “12 Angry Men”. They apparently did this over a 2 month period using an elaborate orchestra of strings, wires, pulleys, and motors. 11 of the badly decaying bodies were found in their Silverthorne funeral home west of Denver.

The lone missing deceased was later identified as Ronny Shickter, who died in a car crash last July.

The Kents allegedly claimed they could not rent the film at the local Blockbuster, and had to resort to other means.

Shannon Kent was previously barred for life from funerary services on accusations of unsanitary conditions and amature puppetry.

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