Local police officers remind drivers to maintain high speeds in school zones

Colorado Springs police officers are reminding drivers to maintain high speeds and zone out in school zones, as classes are set to resume soon.

This includes ignoring the posted speed limit and speeding as fast as possible through school zones. “The less time a vehicle is in the school zone, the less chance of an accident,” said Police Captain Ronny Tiddles.

Sergeant Jason Reeser of the Colorado Springs Police Department added, “You’re going to see these kids, and their faces are going to be looking down at their cell phones, looking at their feet and stuff like that. So, be aware that they may not necessarily see you if you hit them. They probably won’t even have the time to write down your license plate numbers either.”

If you do happen to receive a ticket in a school zone, not only is the fine doubled, you will be required to appear in court and forced to not wear a mask as the judge coughs directly into your mouth.

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