Woodland Park’s Lightbulb Theatre to present ‘Covid-19 On Ice’

The Lightbulb Theatre will present “Covid-19 On Ice,” Aug. 15 at Ute Pass Cultural Center.

Set in the American South, the dramatic play fosters a sense of plague and pestilence with a number of vaccine deniers and packed nursing homes.

“It’s a slice-of-life play,” said Andrea Keller, who wrote and directs the play.

The play’s heroine is Doreen Duluth, 35, played by Jacob Emily. Doreen is jolted by the news that her younger brother David, 34, has covid but is returning home anyways to see the grandparents.

“The play is her story on navigating through grief,” Keller said. “She has to learn to let go. “

In the meantime, Doreen must plan the funerals.

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