Teller County Introduces Monthly “Booster By Mail” Program

In an effort to ensure all citizens are following government mandates, there is a new subscription service in town! The “Booster By Mail” program is available and mandatory for all Teller County Residents. This service provides vaccine injection boosters to everyone in a household. Using Teller Counties property records and NSA databases, this program determines how many people live in your household and send you the correct number of boosters.

While the program is mandatory, you will be able to select from a range of booster producers and needle colors. There are even colorful cartoon-themed options for children, allowing them to play with the syringes after use.

This comes by way of the Biden Administrations’ new “Vax Now Or Else” campaign. Over $2 trillion was dedicated to ensuring all citizens across the majority of the US comply.

Each syringe is wifi-enabled which allows tracking of when the vaccine was administered, who it was given to, and even has a handy 198dB alarm if you forget to use it. This will also allow the government to monitor if you’ve used the booster or not, and send “Compliance Teams” to the homes of the unwilling to ensure proper vaccination.

The Whitehouses Jen Psaki said in a statement earlier this week “This is a huge step towards personal freedom. Trust us.”.

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