Teller County Votes Against Bribing People To Get Vaccinated

In an odd turn of events, Teller County will not be bribing its residents to take the Covid-19 vaccine. Instead, they will be doing something many oppose – allowing people to exercise personal freedom of choice. It turns out that the majority of adults are capable of making their own decisions in their day-to-day life.

For instance, those that are concerned about being around the unvaccinated in public can opt to get the vaccine.

Many have spoken out about this rise in personal choice, calling it “outdated like the constitution” and “dog whistles form nationalism”. Timmy Whitmiter, a local transplant from California, stated “Sure I’m vaccinated, but it’s the unvaccinated that could give me Covid. The vaccine only works if everyone is vaccinated”.

Despite some individuals calling this a reckless endangerment, many have applauded the measure. Jimbo McRufle said that “I’d rather see my tax dollars at work for something better, like doing something about the darn deer here or maybe just giving it to a local school”.

Some may remember earlier this year when Governor Polis offered $100 Walmart Gift Cards to residents who got vaccinated. This is odd since Walmart, like most big-box stores, was one of the only businesses that seemed exempt from any mandates being enforced or affecting sales.

Local protests are already scheduled, and Dr. Faucci has already stated he’d be willing to stand in front of literally any camera to shame our town.


  1. I appreciate this decision! We’ve always lived with contagious diseases and have never had this kind if pressure put in us to get the vax. Also many of us have had Covid and the current data indicates there is string immunity even to variants after having Covid – so we don’t need the vaccine. If the vaccine is so effective, those vaccinated should not be worried. There is too much risk to push this on the e tire population. Thousands of deaths and adverse events following the vaccine have been reported to the VAERS website. This indicates a need for more research before more people are vaccinated. Thank you for using common sense and trusting us to make our own decisions about our health!

    1. Pardon my typos lol! I should have proofread before sharing 😄.

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