Famous for being a historical mining town in the Rocky Mountains, Cripple Creek, Colorado, is usually the epitome of calm and tranquility. However, this peaceful scenery was shattered last night when a local resident, Ernest Pritchard, 54, tangoed with a bouncer of “Monocles and Moustaches,” the illustrious gentlemen’s club situatedContinue Reading

Cripple Creek, known for its historical ties to mining and modern day reputation as a casino destination, is grabbing headlines once again. The local establishment, Shady Tail Inn, is currently under scrutiny for allegations of providing fermented apples to donkeys in anticipation of the annual Donkey Derby. Incidents of malpracticeContinue Reading

Teller County Votes Against Bribing People To Get Vaccinated In an odd turn of events, Teller County will not be bribing its residents to take the Covid-19 vaccine. Instead, they will be doing something many oppose – allowing people to exercise personal freedom of choice. It turns out that theContinue Reading

Mountain Wookies Smoke Shop Closes Due To Lack Of Stoners In Woodland Park Once located in a small plaza alongside highway 24, Mountain Wookies closed its doors on September 6th. While there is a store in Cañon City still open, this location held a special place in many people’s hearts.Continue Reading

Notice: This Is Not Satire! Do Not Approach This Individual, Call 911! Teller County Sheriff’s Office searching for escaped inmate Friday morning Teller County Sheriff’s Office is currently searching for Chancey Ray Colwell, an escaped inmate. Colwell was being held at the Teller County Jail for allegedly firing shots atContinue Reading

Teller County Public Health to require quadruple layer masks in school The Teller County health department will require students wear at least 4 masks in schools this year, splitting from other Colorado counties which have announced new mandates in recent days. In its long-awaited school guidance released Wednesday morning, theContinue Reading

Colorado College expands Colorado Pledge for low-income families living underground Colorado College is expanding its Colorado Pledge to include the people that are living underground in old old Colorado Springs. Many residents are aware of the underground creatures, and now the College is trying to bring them from their nestingContinue Reading

Nonprofit Envida expands transportation operations in Teller County to include rocket sleds For those with disabilities and older adults and residents with qualifying monthly incomes, the expansion of Envida into Teller County offers extremely fast specialized transportation options. The nonprofit organization fills gaps in tight situations where a ride isContinue Reading