Biden Administration to expatriate all Military Working Dogs left in Afghanistan The Biden Administration announced Tuesday evening that “the President was deeply saddened by the public backlash of his decision to leave working dogs in Afghanistan, and has decided to expatriate these animals so they will no longer be USContinue Reading

Teller County Public Health to require quadruple layer masks in school The Teller County health department will require students wear at least 4 masks in schools this year, splitting from other Colorado counties which have announced new mandates in recent days. In its long-awaited school guidance released Wednesday morning, theContinue Reading

Governor blames small businesses for low employment rates; extends unemployment benefits. “It’s definitely not our fault, I mean, these places probably just don’t have enough help wanted signs or something, you know?” stated Jared Polis, Governor of Colorado and award-winning longhorn hen rancher. A new report found the majority ofContinue Reading