Access to Pikes Peak summit limited in August because of those damn bicyclists

Access to the Pikes Peak Summit is expected to be limited during the month of August, and guess why? That’s right – bicyclists.

Shuttle service to the Pikes Peak summit will end on Aug. 15.

The shuttle has been taking the majority of highway visitors from Devils Playground to the summit this summer due to extremely limited parking from construction. Summit parking will be limited when the shuttle service ends, and access cannot be guaranteed.

Highway visitors should expect to make it as far as Devils Playground because summit access is first come, first served. Construction is expected to be done by the end of September, depending on the weather.

The Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb is on Saturday. Naturally, they’re using the entire road so this year we’re just giving them the entire mountain.

Last year they blocked 12 emergency access vehicles on Pike Peak Highway, so this year we’re just not going to take any risks. We have added a few surprises for them, such as pouring marbles down the hill at mile marker 5 and releasing wild bores at miles marker 8.

Boyscout Troop #420 will be at mile marker 11 in their winter gear with squirrel rifles firing at the cyclists as they pass. Any cyclists hit will have any money found on their bodies donated to charity.

During the cycling hill climb, the highway will be delaying opening to the summit until 9 a.m. The North Slope Recreation Area will open as normal at 7:30 a.m.

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