Governor blames small businesses for low employment rates; extends unemployment benefits.

“It’s definitely not our fault, I mean, these places probably just don’t have enough help wanted signs or something, you know?” stated Jared Polis, Governor of Colorado and award-winning longhorn hen rancher.

A new report found the majority of Colorado restaurants are struggling to hire employees, including a new, large Colorado Springs eatery.

Tejon Eatery just opened its doors two weeks but is currently limited on what days and times it can open due to hiring struggles. It has nine restaurants, two bars and a motorcycle museum all under one roof, but only has about five concepts open currently.

“We are able to make sure that they are absolutely perfect before we roll into hiring more people for the next concepts,” said Cailean Anderson of Tejon Eatery.

According to the Colorado Restaurant Association’s May report, 92% of Colorado restaurants are having trouble hiring right now. The reports also says 1 in 3 restaurant employees in Colorado are still out of work, which is about 77,000 restaurant workers without a job.

“We are still working on hiring a good portion of staff. The staff that we do have is understanding of that and they’ve definitely stepped up to the plate,” said Anderson.

Tejon Eatery began construction right before the pandemic. The building was supposed to open about seven to eight months after, but reportedly took a year and a half to open.

“It’s absolutely very unique to our region, especially the city. I have not seen anything like this, personally,” said Anderson.

Tejon Eatery hopes to fully open sometime in the fall. In total, Tejon Eatery will offer almost 100 jobs.

Polis has recently stated he will extend unemployment benefits for all residents and continue to blame small businesses for unemployment rates.

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