The second accident this week blocks Highway 24 westbound. Maybe take it slow on the curves people?

For the second time this week, an accident has blocked Highway 24 westbound from Colorado Springs to Woodland Park. And for the second time, it seems that someone didn’t pay enough attention in Drivers Ed and took the turns too fast on the winding mountain road.

This time it was a full-size sedan, which everyone knows has supreme stability going around corners of a winding mountain road at high speeds. Luckily there were no fatalities, although one occupant was transported to UCHealth for minor injuries and a good talking to. While congestion was present, it dissipated in under an hour.

Colorado Highway Patrol has made several public statements attempting to remind drivers that the speed limit is 45mph up the pass and 30-35mph around curves, as the general consensus among some seems to be speed limits closer to that of the Autobahn.

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