September 16th, 1887 – Entire Train & 39 People Go Missing Along Colorado Railroad Route

Pictured is the last photo of the Colorado Central 292 engine, tender, and nearly full passenger car. As the Porter-Bell-made locomotive left the station, those sitting alongside the building waved off the passengers never knowing they would be the last to ever see them.

As the train passed through station after station, there were no problems reported or indicated by station managers. The train never made odd noises or went excess speeds as it made its way by occupied railway buildings, as reported by several workers.

However as the train was expected to be in Victor Station, it did not arrive. Ten, twenty, thirty minutes passed. Eventually, another train arrived on the same line – impossible as 292 would have been in front of them and blocked their route on the single rail with no sidings.

While extensive searches were employed, no evidence of a wreck or foul play was discovered. As if the train simply disappeared, the news reports were nearly vacant as Colorado Central Railway paid to have the story suppressed for over a decade. Only after rough drafts of the news reports were discovered in 1912 was the true story revealed.

To this day – somewhere out there in the hill of Colorado – lays Engine 262 alongside its tender and sole passenger car, with the fate of it’s occupants and engineers unknown.

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