BidenCare: For Only $19.95 Joe Biden Will Call A Hospital & Get You Preferential Priority Treatment

Last week Biden unveiled his new Healthcare Initiative, BidenCare. With this service anyone can have Former Vice President Joe Biden call their local ER and have some dirty unvaccinated person thrown on the curb to make room for them. While the service is available on a moments notice with no prior sign ups required, it does have a cost: $19.95.

This was hinted at when he disclosed the plan in it’s testing phase, having called a hospital to have an existing patient thrown out to make room for his friend.

Biden gave out his own personal number, although Psaki claimed that all decent presidents do that. Just give the number a call, tell Joe your credit card number and hospital phone number, and there’s a 40% chance he’ll get the number right and get you priority service.

This service is limited to only vaccinated individuals, as an increasing number of hospitals opt to deny any service to the lowly disgusting unvaccinated.

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