Cooler temperatures and chance for severe weather Thursday in Colorado

Large hail, strong wind, and heavy rainfall are the main threats with the severe storms expected.

If you have been enjoying the sweltering heat, then we have bad news for you: It’s starting to cool down! Remember that this is Colorado, so we may see record highs in the 100’s or a couple of feet of snow, so don’t take this report too seriously.

Anyways, the homeless chap we strapped to the areal on the roof tells us we’re likely to see highs in the low 80’s next week. Not only that but also some severe weather – maybe even snow and hail. The frail man then passed out for a few minutes, likely from lack of nourishment. He then awoke with eyes wide open, briefly screaming “SCATTERED THUNDERSTORMS THURSDAY!” before lapsing into another seizure. So be on the watch for Thunderstorms.

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