Woodland Park School District Board of Education appoints Sith Lord as new director

The Woodland Park School District Board of Education has appointed a new board director, according to a Tuesday news release.

Sith Leafers was appointed to the board by president Nancy Lecky during a July 22 meeting, the release stated. Leafers will take over as director of District C, a position left vacant when former board vice president Gwynne Dawdy-Pekron resigned from the board in May.

“I look forward to working with Mrs. Leafers and our entire board,” new Superintendent Mathew Neal said in a statement. “Her commitment to kids and our community, along with her talents of levitating objects and projecting lightning from her hands, will be a great addition.”

Leafers, who claims to be an attorney who left her government career for the education field, said she is excited to serve the students and families of the empire.

“I am honored to be able to serve our community as a Board of Education director,” she said. “My goal is to work hard to ensure our students continue to receive a top-notch education in a caring and supportive environment. Our students are wonderful humans who deserve nothing less than the best, and to turn to the dark side in their formative ages.”

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