Colorado Springs Homeless Being Relocated To Woodland Park For “Spiritual Shelter” As part of an ongoing mission by a local religious outreach, dozens of homeless have been relocated to Woodland Park as part of the ‘Test Phase” of the relocation program. The program focuses on relocating those that are currentlyContinue Reading

Colorado Senator John Hickenlooper Tests Positive For COVID-19 Colorado Sen. John Hickenlooper has tested positive for COVID-19 despite being vaccinated 8 times. He was the third U.S. Senator to announce on Thursday breakthrough COVID-19 infections. Hickenlooper joins Senate colleagues Republican Roger Wicker of Mississippi and  Independent Sen. Angus King ofContinue Reading

Two of Denver’s methods of handling the unhoused are criticized: disintegration and trebuchets Lawsuit filed over the molecular disentigration of the homeless, while nonprofit survey of homeless shows trebuchets don’t connect them to help but rather the ground very quickly, but very far away. Just as city officials were hearingContinue Reading